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Certificate Programs
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Essentially, the Best Education You Can Get

Since 1955, ARMA International has provided the education that information professionals rely on. When you’re ready to improve your skills or move up the career ladder, consider pursuing one or more of these ARMA International certificates: 

Certificate Programs:

If you have questions, please refer to your certificate program FAQs or e-mail us at


What’s the Difference Between a Certificate Program and a Certification?



Certifications covers a broad body of knowledge – often an entire field.

Certificates, in contrast, usually cover a focused or specialized body of knowledge within a field.

In certifications, the focus is on assessing current knowledge and skills within a field.

Certificates first focus on training individuals to achieve certain knowledge or skills and then assessing their attainment of it.

Certifications usually have eligibility requirements (such as years of work experience), ongoing requirements (such as continuing education, renewal fees) and/or recertification requirements.

Certificates can be dated with a validation period to encourage participants to retake the program or portions of it to stay current. However, they are most like a diploma and once earned do not require ongoing maintenance, such as continuing education, reassessment, renewal fees.

Certifications usually include passing of an assessment covering a broad area of knowledge and skills.

Certificates include passing of a comprehensive assessment covering the specific training program for the certificate.

Certifications usually awards a title and a designation, such as the ICRM ’s Certified Records Manager and “CRM” or ARMA’s Information Governance Professional and “IGP.”

Certificates award a certificate (like a diploma) so that individuals can list the attainment on résumés such as ARMA International’s Essentials of RIM Certificate’s “Essentials of RIM Certificate Holder.”